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Before you apply give careful consideration to the nature of the Crossroads program, its philosophy, and its objectives as outlined on Who Should Apply?

The participation fee for the Africa Program is $3,800. What does the fee cover?

Applicants for the position of Group Leader must be 25 years of age. To apply for the position of Group Leader go here.

How to Apply

Applicants for participation in the Africa program of Operation Crossroads Africa must complete and submit the following items:

  1. A completed online Program Application.
  2. Two completed references. See online program application for more details. (This part must be mailed to Operation Crossroads Africa)
  3. A letter from your physician attesting to the fact that you have received a comprehensive medical examination within the past six months and that you have no known physical or psychological conditions that would affect your participation in the program. (This part must be mailed to Operation Crossroads Africa)
  4. A non-refundable application fee of US $25.00. The application fee can be paid online when you submit your application.

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Type of Participation

Personal Information

Do you have a passport?
Emergency Contact:


List the names and addresses of two people who have agreed to serve as references for you. Download the Volunteer Reference Form and give it to them to fill out and return to Operation Crossroads Africa.

Project Interest

What type of projects are you interested in being assigned to work on?
Select two in order of priority from the following projects:
Agriculture/Reforestation, Community Construction, Community Health/Medical Outreach, Education/Training or Women's Service.

Do you want to be assigned to a French speaking country?
Do you want to be assigned to a Portuguese speaking country?

Please answer all questions.

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